American Heart Month

American Heart Association Go Red for Women, American Heart Month

February is American Heart Disease Awareness Month, which kicked off with National Wear Red Day on February 3, 2012. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women in America. Knowing the warning signs, getting regular check ups and lifestyle changes are all things you can do to prevent heart disease.

Dan Rench, registered nurse and exercise physiologist, offers some tips on how to keep your heart healthy and strong!

Exercise today for tomorrow

Take the opportunity to use the heart month of  February to motivate yourself and get back to your regular exercise program or start up an exercise program. We hear it all the time, but truly a regular exercise program of 30-60 minutes per day,  5-7 days per week can lower your risk of having a heart attack or stroke. As reported in a research article published in Circulation, “An estimated 80 million Americans (nearly 1 in 3) have cardiovascular disease (CVD); in fact, coronary heart disease (CHD) and stroke are currently the #1 and #4 causes of mortality, respectively.”

The reflection in the mirror can’t lie

Think about all the time you spend in a day or in a week eating food, drinking fluids or engaging in daily hygiene activities such as bathing or tooth brushing. We spend precious time doing these things either because our body tells us it’s hungry and thirsty or because we know if we don’t we will have bad breath or dental problems. If you need your body to tell you if you need to get that exercise routine going,  stand sideways, unclothed in front of the mirror at home and see what it says. Our bodies were made to move; the body feels happier when it is moving regularly. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is literally as vital to your survival and longevity as eating, drinking water and taking your medicines.

Time is running out, but you can make more

MIO Step 3 Pedometer with Alarm

Track your steps for heart health with the MIO pedometer with safety alarm

Two of our most precious commodities and limited resources in life are our time and our health. Think about exercise as an investment of your limited resources with a guaranteed return or benefit. It’s not a maybe; it’s not a good chance. It’s a fact that exercise, even continuous walking 15-30 minutes per day, can extend your life and the quality of your life. Just as important, we know that people who participate in a regular exercise program often recover from surgery or illness more quickly compared to their non-exercising or completely sedentary counterparts. Before you begin a vigorous exercise program you should consult with your doctor. HomeHealthMedical offers an easy-to-use digital pedometer to count your steps and keep you motivated as you start a walking program. It even features an alarm for safety. To learn more about the MIO programmable pedometer from HomeHealthMedical, click HERE.

For more information about starting a walking program, talk to your doctor or visit

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